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Qigong (chi kung)

All around us we can see the natural world in movement – willow trees rippling in the breeze, gulls swooping from the sky, cats stretching in the sun. Qigong formalises these movements and combines them with breathing, posture and alignment of acupuncture points to create wonderful health-enhancing routines and single exercises. Much of what we do as humans is qigong too – if our eyes are tired we rub them, if we burn our fingers we suck them or wave them in the air. Our bodies know what to do. Qigong enables us to consciously access this wisdom.

Qigong, pronounced chee kung, means energy exercise, working with our natural internal energy or life force. Though not as well known in the West as tai chi, qigong is second to none for preserving and promoting health, relaxation, suppleness, balance and co-ordination for men & women of all ages. Qigong is fun to learn and practice and very beautiful to watch.


Elaine's Sifu Julian Wilde created the Fei-Yan Qigong (Flying Swallow Qigong) system from his 25 year long experience of internal skills, which includes the Wild Goose system, the Taiji Qigong, the Eight Silk Brocade exercises, the Five Animal Frolics and many others. His sincere aim is to empower every individual to maintain their own good health rather than relying on external or artificial props. Fei-Yan forms such as the Heaven and Earth, the Green Willow and the Assembly of Birds forms embody and promote this aspiration.  

In Chinese mythology the swallow represents love, happiness, good fortune and the end of stagnation and winter.